For more than 50 years, Procida has sought to build on its origins as a respected and successful construction company in the highly competitive New York City metropolitan marketplace. Expansion into a variety of real estate development projects has allowed Procida to bring its unique insight and comprehensive capabilities to bear on properties that are thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed and positioned not only to create value for their owners and investors, but also to aesthetically enhance and add measurable value to their surrounding communities. Today, further leveraging our exposure to all facets of local real estate commerce, the Procida group of companies offers financial partnership opportunities, as well as sales and leasing services that draw on a depth of knowledge gleaned from decades of experience in many market cycles.

At its core, Procida’s growth and achievements are firmly based on the principle that our clients’ interests come first, and our many accomplishments are directly related to our commitment to provide you with the highest level of service and professionalism. To that end, we adhere strictly to a policy that provides for principal involvement throughout each and every project – a protocol that has continually proven to heighten the focus of all project participants and ensure adherence with project goals.

Procida represents experience, leadership, innovation, and dedication to client needs and our understanding of the development and construction process makes us uniquely suited to serve all of your real estate needs.